Nov. 6th, 2018 Midterm Election

Big turnouts in Norfolk–I worked the polls at Pretlow Library in Norfolk. 1548 voters cast votes in a Precinct with some 2900 voters, according to Precinct Chief Election Officer Mark Snell-Cook, and the Democrats early appeared to carry the day there. No Republicans were observing, and apparently few were electioneering this polling place, or at […]

Calling Names

How ignorant are some, especially young, Americans about American history! Yankee, johnny, yanqui! Redskin, la raza, whitey, honqi…. We called each other every name in the book…….Despite, or perhaps because of that, we are better off today than ever before? We still have a long, long way to go. For still still there is that […]


I’m at the straw end of the Storm Where water ruffles in the stream Behind a sinking dream. As my Ship turns Submarine, I hold my breath– And Blue-Green Depth pervades me; I am Borne beneath the Waves, A Weightless Beam Of Light once formed, Once pulsed with Sound– I am sent to pierce the […]

The Old Women in the Shoe

Some Nasty old women who lived in a shoe “Resisted” together to paint us all Blue– We thought and  we prayed and we said, “What the hoo?” “No way, Hilly May, “You will not be allowed to shame us and blame us and paint us away.” Look out, nasty women who live in the Blue. […]